“Ann has a warm, engaging style that draws listeners in. Her songs speak from the heart. The folk-pop flavor of her melodies helps make her songs easily accessible to today’s modern audience.”” - Sandy Weisto, Manager

— The Coffee House, Milwaukee, WI

“Courage with compassion, healing with honesty, sweetness born from blood, sweat, and tears: that’s the Divinely empowered truth and wondrously inspired voice found in Ann’s songs for the soul.”” - Kathleen "Kat" Regan

— Fellow Seeker, Healer, Poet & Author

“Ann’s music and voice are sweet, sincere, soothing and inspirational…with notes of humor and play woven in. Her music reflects her personal journey, and, through that, what she offers others. It’s an invitation to Divine Presence in her life as a force for compassion, healing and extension of herself to others.”” - Reverend Sheila D. Graves

— Living Spirit Church

Ann’s music is written from a place of love and real life; this is what can make it emotionally captivating.”

— Beth Eberhardt

Ann has an angelic pure voice that soothes and inspires. Her heartfelt words and beautiful music brings up emotions in your own heart and soul.”

— Sandy and Bill Robinson