Sue's House Concert
Germantown, WI 

Sue and Megan listening to Sue's song

Sue and her daughter Megan cried and then laughed after hearing Sue’s song, “Right On Track.” Sue’s song celebrates the journeys of her children, Clint and Megan. She told me that even though their lives look different than she had pictured for them, they are clearly on their own paths.

Clint’s passion is hiking and he works and saves so he can hike for months. When I interviewed Sue, she said, “How many people are actually living their passion? Clint’s doing it.” 

She said, “Megan’s taken on a lot. She’s learning about relationships and healing on many levels. She’s doing inner work.”

Sue herself feels like she is living her purpose in part through her work as a reading specialist. She believes in reaching children by bringing out the best in teachers.

Pictures, courtesy of the handsome Canadian Roadie - Matt

Sue crying and laughing

Friends on the couch

More friends in conversation

Laughing at break

Sue, Sue and Ola

Kathy and Beth

Ann singing

Kathy and Sue laughing