Ola’s Concert 
Milwaukee, WI

Ola and Ann

Ola and Ann met at the Alterra in Wauwatosa to discuss what she wanted her song to be about. Ann asked her, “What keeps you going?”

Ola shared stories about her relationships with her family, her journey to find herself, her desire for a life partner, and her dreams. Ann was inspired by her choice to love her life just the way it is and to choose contentment over struggle. Ann wove her stories into a song for her called“I Choose Peace.”

Ola threw a lively party with hot mulled wine and cheese and crackers. The concert was an interactive experience, where her friends shared their thoughts and feelings in response to each song. Ann performed a couple of songs at Ola’s request: a campfire song she wrote called “Moon Above Us” and “The Prayer,” a duet with Matt.

Thank you Ola for the opportunity to write your song and to share an evening with your wonderful friends!